Accessories for Women

Check what we have handcrafted Accessories for women using metallic threads and prestigious gemstones meticulously for the dazzling beauty.


Nowadays fancy accessories are the part of glamorous look as someone said that accessories are the vitamins to fashion, that is the reason why we have hand crafted some unique Hand Bracelets, Belts, Mobile Bags, Jewelry Boxes, Souvenir Boxes, and Eyewear Cases. As we said, unique because each and every piece is embellished with impeccable detailings by skilled artisans and inlaid with the genuine Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli and other precious gemstones. 

Explore our fancy collection of Zardosi Accessories made for someone adorable like you.

Waist Belt for Women

It's all about looking at the brighter, and bedazzling side always, pairing our endless collections of  Stylish belts for women with the pure ancient hand embroidery and embellishment of genuine gemstones over velvet or silk fabric will add extra glamor in your beauty. We have different belts for women in our collection of Women Belts Online, so you can choose from as per your need. We have hand embroidered Hand Bracelets, Mobile Bags, Jewelry Boxes, Souvenir Boxes, and Eyewear Cases all made solely by hand & made only once in life.

Bracelets for Women

Handmade Bracelets For Women have been a part of Women’s jewelry boxes from ancient times. We have preserved the ancient culture and made Ladies Bracelets embroidered with the genuine gemstones, and metallic thread work over velvet fabric. With the help of an adjustable frame, Handmade Bracelets fit well in almost all wrists. We have multiple designs to choose from, as per your preferences. You can choose Cuff Bracelets for Women as per color, embroidery, and gemstones. You can find your perfect piece from our online product catalog, as we have many Trendy bracelets for Women, color options available in our online marketplace.

Jewelry Boxes

We are presenting our all new collection of Jewelry Boxes on the high demand of our customers. All the boxes are embellished with the precious and semi precious gemstones over velvet or silk fabric. You can find your perfect piece from different sizes and dimensions as we have square, round and rectangular shapes available in the jewelry boxes. The inner of these boxes are made with the satin fabric and have enough room for your jewelry or other essentials as well. All bags have one huge compartment or multiple small compartments, so you can choose as per your need.

Souvenir Boxes

Designed to put your memorable items inside souvenir boxes, it has enough room to carry your makeup essentials as well. Our range of  Wedding souvenir boxes is handcrafted by taking care of durability as well as premium finish. All designs are handmade and embellished with the premium quality gemstones over velvet, silk or brocade fabric. Some models are fully embroidered, so you can choose as per your preferences. Interior is fully covered with satin fabric.

Mobile Bags

Check our latest product range of Mobile Bags, made with the silk fabric embellished with the metallic threads and colorful beads into the beautiful zardozi pattern. We have multiple color options as well, so you can choose your favorite piece as per your preference. All the mobile sling bags come with the detachable metallic sling chain.

Eyewear Cases

Our all new range of Eyewear Cases is all that you need for your specs, or eyewear. Gift this to your loved ones, this can be a perfect gift item. We have used the finest quality of silk or velvet fabric while crafting these Eyewear Cases. Multiple color options are available so you can choose from as per your preferences as well.