A party without having a clutch is a bad idea, these are useful as well as appropriate for parties and formal occasions. Your special occasions are half-completed without having a hand clutch . What are you waiting for? You must buy one for your accessory wardrobe. Zardouzee has a huge collection of hand-embroidered sling bags embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones. They have enough room for your cards, cash, mobile, ids, and other essentials like Flap Bag

After making a purchase you will not need to ask for anything better than that because of the elusiveness. Pair these with the outfit of your choice to get the instant glamorous and alluring look under 2999. Now you must be looking to buy one for yourself or your female loved ones. Well, you will not have any regret after making this purchase, because each piece of our hand-embroidered bags has enough detailing using zardozi techniques by skilled artisans.

Browse our variety of hand clutches, zardozi clutches, handbags from our online store catalog.

Hand Clutch Bags

We have mentioned below some Hand Clutch Bag points you can consider while buying hand clutches, zardozi clutches, or handbags online, So You can choose from the calming palettes in traditionally absorbing experiences as per your Treasure. 

Structure/Shape – Zardozi bags are available in different shapes  in the market but we have the best collection of hand embroidered bags that take hours of construction and embellishment. Buying an oval-shaped zardozi bag takes special attention from the audience. All bags are handcrafted with zardozi threads on a velvet and silk base inlaid with genuine and rare gemstones. Choosing a round bag can make a statesman, so choose carefully. Zardouzee bags have different  shapes: Squares, Rectangle, and floral pattern designs beautified with precious gemstones. You can easily pair these with your sarees, Anarkali suits, or lehenga. Most of the designs are with sling chains which make them sturdy and easy to carry.

Occasional – We use the finest quality of  fabric which is durable as well as classy at the same time. You have to scroll only to find your perfect match for the zardozi casual handbag. We use genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones in our Evening handbags. We have made each piece using aesthetic design and traditionally crafted hand-made bags for weddings by our professional artisans.

Hand Clutch Purse

We have Hand Clutch Purses in different Patterns. You can choose from our wide range of Animal Pattern Bags .Our designs make you  petite, then you should go for a small hand clutch bag with bird pattern incarnated that will enhance your look. It gives you a luxurious look when you hold a metallic body velvet base rectangular handbag, designed with a peacock pattern also It has enough room to carry your essentials as well. Size does matter when you are buying a zardozi handbag, We have different sizes available in our online handbags store. Choose wisely if you want to have the best Quality with our Stockpile.

Color – We have so many colors of handbags available in our online store. Colors matter when you are choosing a handbag for you, that is why we have sorted our branded handbags collection by colors also. Colors are essential to make or break your entire look. You can choose the color of your handbag as per your attire to complement it entirely. If you want to create a strong impression then choose more vibrant colors. You can choose from our wide range of colorful bags. You can buy from Beige, Green, Black, Off-White, Pink, and Maroon color options available in our online store.

Zardouzee Hand Clutch for Weddings Collection

You can buy Clutch Bags for women from Zardouzee directly from your home from our Online Store at zardouzee.com. Our Wedding Hand Clutch Collection has multiple varieties. You can choose from different types of Zardozi Bags, and Potlis. You can choose as per your color preferences in our Shop by Colors category. We have shiny Peach Handbags, and Eyecatchy Grey Handbags also. No need to visit one shop to another for the finest quality and fair prices. Just login to your account and choose the perfect bags as per occasion, shape, color, discount, fabric, pattern, price, etc., and more for you to find potli/pouches for yourself or female loved ones. The advantages are you can choose from the best colors and patterns online with our product catalog. We have added some high-quality Hand Embellished Mobile Bags in the store. You will get what you see in the pics. Our quality is our assurance.