Discount Up to 15%

Who doesn’t love discounts, all of us want to get a better deal when it comes to purchasing something from the online or offline market. Check out our bestsellers with pretty decent discounts up to 15%.


When we shop online or offline, we often ask the seller about discounts on almost anything. But along with the discount it is not right if you are paying for a faulty or a bad product, that is the reason you should check twice if you are not fully sure about the seller’ product quality. 

Here Zardouzee comes with hundreds of handmade accessories for the elegant women. Because women love dressing and flaunting their looks with their attractive and elegant accessories. We got you covered in this matter. Our collection of handmade accessories like Handbags and Clutches, Souvenir Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Potli Bags etc are available at a decent price. In terms of quality, our products are unbeatable from any other online seller under the price segment.

What is included in the Discount Up to 15% Collection

We always try to present our products at nominal and reasonable prices along with maintaining the quality of our products. So you can be assured about the quality. Under this 15% discount collection we have listed our Handbags and Clutches, Potli Bags, Souvenir Boxes, Jewelry Boxes and more. 

Check products with discounts of up to - 15% to 30%

Handbags and Clutches - Nowadays Handbags and Clutches are the latest fashion trends and if it is handmade then the speciality of the handbag or a clutch gets doubled. Our collection of Handbags and Clutches contains hundreds of design patterns all handmade with metallic threads embroidery over silk or velvet fabric and the embellishment of precious and semi precious gemstones. You can check out the latest collection of Handbags and Clutches here with a decent discount up to 15%.

Potli Bags - Potli Bags are from the years in Indian culture as well as other foregin countries. The Potli Bags were used by the Mughals, Raja Maharajas, and their Begums and Ranis to carry small coins and other essentials. In the ancient times, the potli bags were made by simple cotton or jute clothes but as the time changed the designers and artisans have changed the way of making Potli Bags also. Check out our collection of Potli Bags, we have various design patterns available for you.

Souvenir Boxes - The Souvenir Boxes are the best wedding gift item or you can also use them in this festive season as a gift. Our collection of Souvenir Boxes has various design patterns of silk and velvet souvenir boxes embellished with precious and semi precious gemstones.

Jewelry Boxes - Indians love gold jewelry but store them into the old stock box that comes with the jewelry itself. But now you can store your precious jewelry inside the all new customizable Handmade Jewelry Box that is hand embroidery and specially designed to store the jewelry. Our collection of Handmade Jewelry Boxes contains Embroidered Jewelry Boxes made with silk and velvet fabric with an absolute discount of up to 15%.

Our specialization is in Embroidery, so we make fusion of traditional embroidery and latest design patterns for the elegant women. Our passionate artisans always dive deeper into the creation of embroidery patterns and the final results are in front of you. Order once from Zardouzee and you will be a fan of our handmade products.