Silk Potli Bags

This Silk Potli Bags collection is for all the beautiful women out there who want to remain chic and stylish. Pair a Silk Potli Bag with your traditional outfit to get a more attractive and desi look instantly.


Silk Potli Bags are from the years in the history of India as well as other countries. But as the time changed these potli bags have also changed so much into the beautiful gemstone embellished potlis. Now, many online platforms have these embellished potli bags made with silk or velvet fabric. Our collection of Silk Potli Bags contains Potli Bags made with finest quality silk fabric with the handmade embroidery of metallic threads and the embellishment of precious and semiprecious gemstones like Onyx, Tiger’s Eye, Sand Stone, Lapiz, Chalcedony, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise stones etc. There are various Potlis available in different sizes, colors and the embellishments in our collection of Silk Potli Bags to choose from.

Buy Silk Potlis Online In India

What if you could get your Silk Potlis directly delivered to your home? Sounds good. We are here to help you out as our delivery service is available worldwide. You can order from anywhere and your Silk Potli will be delivered to you in the given time span. We have an offer that is also available for the new customers only. If you register with your email address for the very first time then you can get an absolute discount.

Embroidered Silk Potli Bags

Our collection of Embroidered Silk Potli Bags contains various embroidered potlis made with finest silk fabric with the embellishment of metallic thread handmade embroidery made using gems, onyx beads, and sequins. Nowadays most of the online sellers sell these kinds of Embroidered Silk Potli Bags, then how you will find the best potli bag when you are purchasing for the very first time. See our tips for taking care when you are buying your first potli bag-

Take special care for the colors because what will show on the first impression in your bag is the color of the bag and the embroidery. As we write above the embroidery is made of metallic thread by the skilled artisans over the finest silk or velvet fabric to provide you with a good touch feel. Our collection contains various solid colors to choose from as per your preference.

Your embroidered silk potli should be spacious enough so that it could be able to hold your necessary things inside like cash, keys, and cards etc. Our hand clutch comes with the separate spaces for your cards and some other accessories.

Shop Luxury Silk Potli Bags From Zardouzee

Zardouzee’s online collection of Luxury Silk Potli Bags is just mind blowing because each piece of our handbags and clutches go through the quality control process for the best final outcome. If you are looking for a gift for your female loved once you can choose from the leather clutch bags or from our wide collection of handmade zardosi things for modern women like Potli Bags, Premium Clutches, Intricately Designed Souvenir Boxes, Zardosi Belt for women, Zardosi Bangle for women etc. Try our collection once and be a part of thousands of happy customers. All our products are proudly Made in India and our aim is to preserve the Indian heritage and to promote the handicrafts of India as much as we can.

Now you are good to go to choose a perfect Clutch Bag for yourself that will be spacious enough for your necessities and will be in a good shape to hold for a long time without any problem.