Black Potli Bags

Get ready to get the magic of unifying lustrous threads in our collection of Black Favor Bags over soft silk or velvet with the enhancement of precious gemstones.

Potli Bags have been in Indian history for years. Indian women pair these with her lehengas or sarees. But as the time changes fashion is also changing. Thanks to our designers we are preserving ancient Indian history with our latest range of Black Favor Bags, which comes with the embellishment of prestigious gemstones like Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Lapels lazuli and other genuine gemstones sewn between the floral, or abstract embroidery. Our collection is full of art by our skilled artisans. With the benefits of years of experience and skills, we are hand crafting unique design patterns of Potli Bag under 2999.

Black Potli

Black Potlis or Batwas has a very old history when Raja, Maharajas used to use Potli Bags to put coins inside. Now the time has changed and we have launched the latest collection of those Beige potli bags. We have enhanced them with hand embroidery using metallic fleeces and embellishment of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our potli bags for women have enough space to put your essentials in. We have added a rope/thread to make the knot on the top of the Blue Potli Bags.

Black Potli Bags

These Black Potli Bags are best suitable with any of your favorite traditional attire. If you are thinking of buying one for yourself or for your female loved ones then you should prefer once. Our collection is full of hand embroidered Green Potli Bags inlaid with jewels and metallic threads and beads. Gift this Potli Bag to your female loved ones, this will be the perfect gift to pair with her favorite traditional outfit just 4999

Zardouzee Black Potli Bags Collection

We have been in this industry for decades, we have a skilled team of artisans who are committed to their works. That is the reason why we have a wide collection of handmade women accessories, so you can choose from Hand Bags, Accessories, Pouches, Offers  Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, and more. Each item comes with impeccable details made with metallic threads over silk, or velvet base. You can check our collection of hand made potli bags which was one of the essential accessories of Indian women in the past. We have enhanced the look and feel of those potli bags by using ancient royal zardosi craftsmanship.We have an amazing offer going on our online store. When you sign up from your registered email address, then you will get an absolute discount of 15% on your first ever purchase from what are you waiting for, if you want to explore more then you can click here to see our full range of handmade products.