Potli Bags

Get the stunningly gorgeous look with our ensemble of traditional Potli Bags with its steak of beige, silver, and gold thread work flowing through with charismatic gemstones.

The Potli bags also called "Batwa" have developed from an age-old utility handbag from the Vedic Age to a fashion accessory of the modern Indian woman. Thanks to the expert designers and crafters who have remade the look of a drawstring bag made of plain cloth into a creative, fascinating, and stunning accessory. These are the must-have accessories in your wardrobe. Many Indian designers have reinvented these skillfully over time. Nowadays the potli purses are available in fully embroidered designs and make extraordinary fashion statements, along with the old world charm. If you are also a fan of the Zardozi potli bags then we have some awesome hand-crafted surprises for you. You can find your perfect piece of Potli bags online here with just scrolling.Here at Zardouzee, You have the freedom to find from our hand-made collection of Potli bags available in different colors and sizes inlaid with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Potli Bags Online

Many of us are well aware of the rich history of Potli Bags Online. Potli bags have been around since the ancient age of Raja, Maharajas. They were used to carry Ayurveda medicine. Rich people from old age were used to carrying gold coins in these small potli bags made of soft fabric tied with the strings. Many Indian paintings have depicted that. In the Indian Religious text, larger potlis have existed. It's said that lord Rama used large potli to carry the belongings when he was exiled for 14 years.

Potli Purse

Potli Purses are predominantly made with velvet and silk fabrics. We have a massive collection of potli bags made with silk and velvet collection in our online store. The type of fabric used to make the potli bags are directly connected with the appearance, weight, and style. You should choose the fabric that feels good as well as durable and classy at the same time. Our collection of Zardouzee potli bags is full of hand-embroidered  bags embellished with precious gemstones.Choose from Premium Silk, Velvet, and Jute fabric potlis that will give you extra glamor on your extra special occasions.

Designer Potli Bags

Designer Potli Bags or Batawa Bags are widely used by Brides, women in weddings as well. Zardouzee has crafted potli bag designs right for all women.

Potli Bags for Wedding

Potli Bags for Wedding are made from stunning fabrics to delicate Zardozi imprints, our skilled artisans have handcrafted these Zardouzee Potli Pouches with the traditional as well as trendy elements to spiff up your moment almost every time. You can find out for yourself or your female loved ones. We have a vast collection of full hand embroidered and partially embroidered potli bags over the premium jute, velvet, and silk fabric. If you are the one who likes fully hand embroidered potli purses then you will like our collection of wedding potli bags and the women who love silk potlis or velvet potli bags for special events can also search for the best piece for themselves.

Choose your pick from our best and vast collection of Potli Bags

We have mentioned some points you should know before making a purchase of Potli Pouches / Potli Bags Online.Shape & Size - You should take special care of this point while buying your potli bags online. The potli bag you are buying needs to be spacious enough that it will hold your cards, cash, mobile, and other essentials. Our potli bags are available in different sizes and shapes. We have round-shaped potli bags in our collection of stylish zardozi bags. You should go for a potli bag that is smaller or larger according to your height, like if you are petite then you should choose a smaller one to enhance your appearance.Fabric - No matter on which occasions you are pairing these potli bags, these make your look so lavish and aesthetic. Enhance your wedding attire with these specially handcrafted potli bags with silk. Find your perfect velvet potli bags online at Zardouzee. We have a team of professional designers, they have worked hard to create unique pieces only for you since 1845. Embroidered Potli Bags are available in Silk,velvet Quality fabric , which you can choose from according to your ReservoirColor - Colors can match up to your attire or compliment it entirely. We have so many color options to choose from. You can go for more aesthetic ones to create a strong impression if you are a lady of experimental kind. We have a wide range of potli bags, you can choose from Beige, Maroon, Black, Royal Blue, etc.Shop by Price - If you are looking for classy and attractive handmade designs of potli bags then you are at the right place. We have different designs made on silk, velvet, and jute fabrics inlaid with precious and semi-precious onyx, black star, pearl, sapphire, turquoise, rose quartz, etc Under 3000 All the potli bags are beautified with zardozi art embroidered with hands  using metallic threads on fabric. It takes hours of construction and embellishment to get fully completed.

Zardouzee Potli Bag Collection

Don’t wait to get these illusive designs of Premium Potli Bags, explore our online collection of Mobile Bags with Zipper, Belts, Jewelry Boxes, Eyewear Cases and other accessories along with the Souvenir Packagings. We never compromise with the quality, Perhaps this is the reason why we have been able to maintain our record of ZERO product return. Just login to your account and choose the perfect collection of Women Hand Embroidered Accessories like, Mobile Bags, Jewelry Boxes, Souvenir Boxes, and Eyewear Cases etc., and more for you to find potli/pouches for yourself or female loved ones. The advantages are you can choose from the best colors and patterns online with our product catalog. Our quality is our assurance, You will get what you see in the pics at comparatively low prices. We also have added some high-quality belts inlaid with gemstones to our online store.Our Belts, Mobile Bags, Jewelry Boxes, and Eyewear Cases etc. come with hand embroidered patterns with added genuine gemstones sewn in between the embroidery pattern. We have some beautiful design patterns of clutch hand bags, and side bags for women as well, in beige, golden, and silver metallic threads embellished with multi-colored precious, and semi precious gemstones. If you want to go with some solid colors, then select from our collection of Green, Beige, and Blue Color Bags.