Wooden Box Clutch

Looking for a handmade high quality, high fashion Wooden Box Clutch that will give you the holy touch of Mother Nature? Look no further and find your perfect Wooden Clutch on Zardouzee.


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The Wooden Clutches are the new fashion trend, if you want to look more attractive you should pair a Wooden Clutch Bag with your favorite outfit. It will add an extra layer of glamor to your look. Zardouzee makes premium handmade Wooden Clutches  for the modern women. Our handmade clutches are made with a premium quality timber frame that is polished and has smooth edges so you can hold it for a long time with ease. Almost all our designs are embellished with precious and semi-precious gemstones over the silk and/or velvet fabric. So what are you waiting for? Go check out our collection of Wooden Clutches online at Zardouzee.com

Wooden Box Purse

If you are the lady who likes to carry a handbag or purse in the daily lifestyle then this Wooden Box Purse is a must have accessory for you. It is fully crafted with the best quality timber frame by the skilled artisans. It is a stylish Wooden Box Purse to complete your party look. Nowadays when almost every lady carries a hand clutch made of metal or other material, this hand clutch will give you a unique look to flaunt on almost any occasion.

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Zardouzee’s online collection of Wooden Purse is just mind blowing because each piece of our handbags and clutches go through the quality control process for the best final outcome. If you are looking for a gift for your female loved once you can choose from the leather clutch bags or from our wide collection of handmade zardosi things for modern women like Handbags, Premium Clutches, Intricately Designed Souvenir Boxes, Zardosi Belt for women, Zardosi Bangle for women etc. Try our collection once and be a part of thousands of happy customers. All our products are proudly Made in India and our aim is to preserve the Indian heritage and to promote the handicrafts of India as much as we can.