Leather Clutch

Grab the rarest combination of leather richness with traditional hand embroidery. Zardosi Leather Clutches are a good example of the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into these clutches.


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Zardouzee is an immersive brand of Handmade Bags and Clutches. They have been in the handicraft industry for decades and their expert artisans and designers always try to implement different techniques and designs in leather clutches.Our collection has some of the best Leather Clutch designs you will definitely fall in love with. All the products are hand crafted using premium material so you never ever get any quality cons in our Leather Clutches. These are best suitable as a gift for your female loved ones or you can just buy it for yourself to get an absolute glam look. 

Leather Clutch Bags: The Origin

Leather is an incredibly versatile material that has been used for years in clothes and tools. It is durable and long lasting and looks and feels good when you carry some accessory made of pure leather. Further as time went on, leather would become a staple in everyone’s life. It is used in the making of handbags, clothes, shoes, etc. Our clutch bags made of pure leather are specially designed for the women who love to have handicrafts in her wardrobe.The original leather material is durable and gives a rich look to the final product. Our handmade leather clutch bags are made of finest quality leather and embellished with the gemstones, sequins, and beads. Perfect combination to pair with your party costume to stand out from the crowd. 

Leather Box Clutch

Bags and purses replace the pockets and if your Leather Box Clutch looks great then no one can beat your look in the party. Our Leather Box Clutches are made with premium material with the richness of genuine gems stitched over finest leather available. We have a bunch of designs to choose from. And the only thing you have to do is just scroll through our products and you can find your perfect leather box clutch. 

Leather Box Clutch: Shapes and Sizes

Leather Handbags are more costly than regular clutches and handbags so when you buy your first leather hand clutch you should take care of shapes and sizes of your leather clutch if you want to get the benefits of each penny you spent. There are countless shapes and sizes available in the market today. You can find your perfect leather clutch according to your preferences and comfort. For example, If you are petite you should go for a small leather clutch which compliments your look or you should go for a big one to flaunt your look on some special occasions.

Leather Box Clutch: Embroidery & Gems

If you are looking for a Leather Box Clutch, it is always better to go for an embroidered clutch than a regular one. The reason behind is, the embellishments and the embroidery work that create an attractive first impression of your Leather Box Clutch. We are the only ones who make the awesome combination of leather hand clutches with traditional embroidery patterns. We use precious and semi precious gemstones like onyx, tiger’s eye, pearl, chalcedony, lapis, black star, sand-stone etc. stitched between the hand crafted embroidered patterns on the base of leather.

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Zardouzee’s online collection of Leather Clutch Bag is just mind blowing because each piece of our handbags and clutches go through the quality control process for the best final outcome. If you are looking for a gift for your female loved once you can choose from the leather clutch bags or from our wide collection of handmade zardosi things for modern women like Potli Bags, Premium Clutches, Intricately Designed Souvenir Boxes, Zardosi Belt for women, Zardosi Bangle for women etc. Try our collection once and be a part of thousands of happy customers. All our products are proudly Made in India and our aim is to preserve the Indian heritage and to promote the handicrafts of India as much as we can.