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Our premium collection is here for Handbags and Clutches under 7000, Show your style and elegance when you wear these premium Handbags and Clutches At Zardouzee.


Our middle upper class collection is here for the people who like to wear classy Handbags and Clutches to compliment their outfits. All the collection is handmade using the finest quality materials so don’t have to worry about the quality. Our Handbags and Clutches at Zardouzee Up to 7000 rupees range contains premium clutches embroidered with metallic threads and premium embellishments of precious and semi precious gemstones. In this collection, we have all pearls handbags, multicolor clutches, premium leather clutches, etc. Explore our collection of premium handbags and clutches here…

Buy Clutch Bags Online In India Below 7000

Now you don’t have to worry about the premium handbags and clutches under the reasonable price range of rupees below INR 7000. Because, Zardouzee brought a full range of premium handbags and clutches available online on the official website of Zardouzee at Zardouzee.com. In this price segment, you can buy fully embroidered handbags and clutches, all pearl embellished handbags and clutches, peacock handbags and clutches, and swan handbags and clutches, etc. There are various color options available to choose from and the handbags and clutches are available in different shapes and sizes.

There are some tips for getting the best out of your handbag online especially if you are buying for the very first time.

Choose Colors wisely, because the first impression is the most important thing. The colors of your handbags and clutches are the most important factor and should be according to your outfit. For example, you can pair a beige or off white hand clutch with your sheer net saree to get a celebrity look.

Fabrics are important when it comes to choosing a handmade handbag or clutch. The best fabric will feel good in your hands and you would be able to hold it for a long time if you have to. Zardouzee makes handbags and clutches with the finest quality velvet, silk, brocade, if you like leather then you can choose it too. Leather handbags and clutches with zardosi embroidery embellished with precious and semi precious gemstones are a very rare combination to get anywhere else.

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Zardouzee’s online collection of Handbags & Clutches Online is just mind blowing because each piece of our handbags and clutches go through the quality control process for the best final outcome. If you are looking for a gift for your female loved once you can choose from the wooden clutches or from our wide collection of handmade zardosi things for modern women like Potli Bags, Premium Clutches, Intricately Designed Souvenir Boxes, Zardosi Belt for women, Zardosi Bangle for women etc. Try our collection once and be a part of thousands of happy customers. All our products are proudly Made in India and our aim is to preserve the Indian heritage and to promote the handicrafts of India as much as we can.