Souvenir Boxes

Gift these Hand Embroidered Souvenir Boxes or buy one for yourself to add extra charm in your beauty because these Souvenir boxes are statement accessories.

Zardouzee presents a beautiful collection of hand-crafted Souvenir Boxes inlaid with genuine gemstones. You should buy these Souvenir Packagings for yourself today because it is like that bag of yours which is also beautiful to look at and you can keep things in it too. We have different color options so you can choose from them as per your need. We use quality material while crafting these Wedding Souvenir Packagings. All the Souvenir Boxes are hand embroidered using metallic zardozi threads on a soft velvet base.

Wedding Souvenir Box

When we are talking about Wedding Souvenir Boxes, the first thing that comes to mind is that they should have a good design so that they will look good in the first impression. A design that is something different, that's why we bring you a complete range of Wedding Souvenir Packagings with Unique Design Patterns. All the designs are done by our skilled zardozi artisans and designed by our Designing Team. We are very thankful to our designer team because we have some unique design patterns that you can not find anywhere else.All the Souvenir Packagings are made solely by hand and embroidered with the metallic threads in zardozi tradition. All Handmade Beaded Bracelets are adjustable so you can adjust them as per your size.

Souvenir Gift Box

Our all-new range of Souvenir Gift Boxes is not like the ordinary ones which are available in the market. All our Souvenir Packagings are made with the finest quality velvet fabric and beautified with genuine gemstones to provide you with luxury and an instant glamorous look at the same time.Our designers are committed to their work and our skilled artisans give their best for the final outcome. The combo of Best Designers and Expert Artisans are the results of our never seen before collection of Wedding Souvenir Packagings. Check out our latest collection of Souvenir Boxes to find out why we are so confident on our eCommerce portal

Zardouzee Souvenir Box Collection

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