Handmade Bracelets

Fully hand crafted range of handmade bracelets inlaid with the genuine gemstones and metallic threads and beads over velvet fabric.


Embellish your beauty with solely hand made handmade bracelets and bangles for women with the enhancements of genuine gemstones and zardozi metallic thread work. Our artisans love their work as a result our products have impeccable details and unique artworks that you can not find these handmade belts in other places. We have all these hand crafted hand bracelets in free sizes so it fits perfectly for any woman. All the unique bracelets handmade designs came with proper packaging, so that you will get what you see in the pictures.

Handmade Beaded Bracelets

When it comes to build quality of our handmade beaded bracelets, we have used an adjustable frame covered with the finest quality of velvet fabric with the embellishment of metallic interweaves and genuine trinkets over the silk fabric,the Zardouzee products are handcraft & made once in ever .Handmade cuff Bracelets are inlaid over ultrasoft velvet fabric .Ancient zardozi art we are preserving it since 1845.  You can show off these handmade beaded bracelets at the party while holding the glass of your favorite drink or beverage with brown handbags  .

Handmade Bracelet Designs

The interior of our handmade bracelet designs are made with satin fabric, it will feel soft in your hand. Handmade gemstone bracelets are hand embroidered with the beads into the beautiful hand embroidery of floral, and abstract arts . No compromise in Quality is the thought in the mind, while crafting these Handmade cuff bracelets,so these are always preserved the look and feel like the new ones. We have many Handmade Bracelets Designs & Hand Clutch Bags that are handpicked  as per your Reservoir. You can choose as per the color of your favorite indo western attire, so you can flaunt your look in the party.

Zardouzee Hand Bracelets Collection

Our collection is full of premium hand embroidered products that you can  buy now. Our full range of zardosi products are crafted solely by hand skillfully and with years of experience. It takes hours of embellishment and creativity to the final outcome. We have a full range of handcrafts only for ladies, like Zardozi Belts, Hand Bracelets, Mobile Bags, Jewelry Boxes, Souvenir Boxes and Eyewear Cases. We understand that everyone doesn't want to go outside for shopping, if you are the kind of person then you can shop from your home with our online store along with this, you also will get the absolute discount of 10% on your first ever purchase on Zardouzee while registering with your email id on our online shopping portal.

We have some latest trendy collections available only for you, so you can choose from them as per your choice. 

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