What To Look For In A Handmade Clutch Bag When Buying Online?

What To Look For In A Handmade Clutch Bag When Buying Online?

    One of the most rewarding types of items to shop for is handmade clutches, whether it be a designer flap bag or an embroidered metallic frame clutch, or anything similar. However, it is often difficult to know how to start the process of finding a fashionable and trending clutch. You often have to question the reasons why you should keep your eye on the evergreen styles and finest embroidery, as well as how to find the quality products that you can flaunt on some special occasions.

    That said, below is our how-to guide from Zardouzee to buying premium as well as evergreen, and designer handmade clutches-

    Shape and Design

    We have stylish handmade clutches in numerous shapes and sizes with unique designs in our online store. Handmade clutches are the fashion statement nowadays. Nowadays, these are used by many women matching them with their attire. You can go for a small one to get the minimal look or a big clutch to compliment your attire.


    Our handmade clutches come with single or double compartments inside which one big compartment and one small made with satin fabric. The interior is made of satin fabric which feels soft and lasts long. These clutches have enough room for your daytime essentials to put inside.


    Gemstones are essential to giving a handbag a rich, and decent look. Keep in mind when you are buying a handmade clutch for yourself or your female loved ones that it should be embellished with genuine gemstones. Our handbags are inlaid with some precious and semi-precious gemstones which are the essentials to enhance the overall look and feel of the hand clutch.

    Handbag Grip

    The grip of your hand clutch is also important when it comes to enhancing usability. Handbag grip should be like you can hold it all day long without any discomfort. We have many options available in our online store to choose from. Almost all our handbags come with a metallic chain for your comfort. 

    You can choose from bangle grip handbags. Some of our products have a Beaded frills chain. You can choose from bags with a pearl chain or with a ring grip which is also trending nowadays. We have different varieties available in handbag chains


    Embroidery is more important to keep in mind when you are purchasing a handbag online. We use metallic thread embroidery embellished with rich gemstones to make our bags stand out. Do you know what our unique selling point is? I tell you, Our handbags are inlaid with unique embroidery patterns which are made only one time. This thing makes our bags different from our competitors. If you choose the best embroidery patterns, not only do they look rich, they last for a long time.


    Colors are everywhere and can make or break your look. If you want a color that matches any of your outfits choose solid colors like black, beige, brown, gray, maroon, pink, and their variations. We at Zardouzee use fine quality fabrics that remain the same as new till the last. Our products are made keeping in mind that these are appropriate for you for all seasons. These are the combination of wisely chosen colors and design patterns that will never go out of style.


    When it comes to buying a hand-embroidered clutch, the fabric of your hand clutch must be of the finest quality. Zardouzee uses the best quality silk, velvet, satin, and brocade fabrics to design the handbags. These fabrics give your hand clutch a rich look and feel.

    This is our small guide about what to look for in a handmade clutch bag when buying online? Hope this will help you to make your decision to buy a handmade clutch. If anything else you think that we left to mention here please write it down below in the comment section. We always keep an eye on your comments.

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