Choose from our best-selling collection of shoulder bags and mini shoulder bags made from the finest quality velvet and silk fabric with added precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our designer collection has different types of shoulder bags including Mini Shoulder Bags, Messenger Bags, Chain Shoulder Bags, and others. Along with the luxurious look and feel, these are sturdy also at the same time. We have added a detachable sling chain to make these easy to carry, along with all bags having sufficient room for your essentials also.

Chain Shoulder Bags

At tonight’s party, be ready to hear compliments when you pair this Chain Shoulder Bag with your favorite outfit because it is so charming as to charm anyone. We have a huge stock of such wonderful Chain Shoulder Bags. The Shoulder Bags that we have, you cannot get anywhere else, our designers say that, and why not we have a team of skilled and experienced artisans who have devoted a lot of their time to this work and they love their work.

Shoulder Bags

Our all Shoulder Bags have the detachable sling chain added so that you can hold your glass of drink or plate of food at a wedding or a party. So the bags are fancy and easy to carry at the same time. It’s a perfect gift for your female loved ones on their special day. You can also use this shoulder bag with your favorite dress by hanging it from the side with the help of a detachable metallic sling chain.

Shoulder Bags Design

We assure you, our unique designs will mesmerize you as all the designs are solely handcrafted with skilled artisans. We used high-quality coveted gemstones like tiger’s eye, labradorite, pearl, and many more in our Shoulder Bags. The designs are hand-embroidered with metallic threads in zardozi tradition. We have various design patterns, you can choose some of our bestselling products like Peacock Shoulder Bags, Beige Shoulder Bags, and many more. Our skilled artisans have handcrafted the three-dimensional peacock zardozi art on the frontal of the Shoulder Bag. Our online store is full of design patterns you can choose as per your preference by just scrolling.

Zardouzee Handbags Collection

Zardouzee.com. We never compromise with the quality, Perhaps this is the reason why we have been able to maintain our record of ZERO product return. Just login to your account and choose the perfect bags as per occasion, shape, color, discount, fabric, pattern, price, etc., and more for you to find potli/pouches for yourself or female loved ones. The advantages are you can choose from the best colors and patterns online with our product catalog. If You want a lighter shade than you can choose from our Beige Bags. Our quality is our assurance, You will get what you see in the pics at comparatively low prices. We also have added some high-quality souvenir boxes to our online store.

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